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REMAX Aboutowne Realty Corp.

Confidentiality Agreement

For Sale

Metal Fabrication – Engineering - Specialty products

File# EL-21-19


Price $2.300,000

Well  established,  Canadian owned company,  located  2hrs North of Toronto.
Specializing in metal fabrication for customs specifications also manufacture standard products.
They offer high quality products with skilled employees utilizing:
  • Fiber Laser Cutting 
  • Automated Metal Stamping 
  • CNC Turrent Punch
  • Plasma Cutting 
  • Custom Tool Room
  • Automated Robotic Welding 
  • Roll Forming 
The company has repeat and loyal customers.
Owner is retiring, but will remain with the business for an agreed period to assure smooth transition.
Revenues:  $2.4 Mil.  with over $500,000 net to owner manager, plus the company just received a US contract which would give additional revenues of minimum $2Mil for the next 12 months with an additional $200K profit.(Total estimated net of $710,000)  They are also working on some other Canadian contracts which will provide similar additional revenues.

For more information please sign and return the Confidentiality Agreement below or contact:

Suzanne Farkas,

Sales Representative









The undersigned, prospective Buyer, acknowledges receipt of confidential information, materials and documents the (Information”) from

Re/Max Aboutowne Realty Corp. (“Brokerage”) relating to the financial condition and operation of the (“Company"):




The Undersigned acknowledges that:


  1. The “Information” provided is highly sensitive and confidential and agrees that it will only be used to evaluate the subject business as a possible purchase,


  1. I will not disclose the “Information” to a third party except to my legal or financial advisor of the undersigned,


  1. I will not discuss the “Information” and the "Company" with any of its employees, customers, vendors, professional advisors or financial institution without the prior consent of the "Company",


  1. I will not contact or deal directly with the “Company”. All dealings concerning said business opportunity will be handled through the “Brokerage”. The deposit moneys identified in any Offer shall be held in the “Brokerage” insured trust account.  All Offers must be presented through and in the presence of “Brokerage”.


  1. I understand that all the commission on the sale of the business is payable to the “Brokerage” by the Seller. I also understand and agree, that if I interfere in any way with the “Brokerage” right to a commission or if I  purchase the business within one year from the date below, directly from the Seller without the intermediary of the “Brokerage” I agree to pay a commission of ten percent of the total selling price directly to the “Brokerage”


  1. Should  the  Seller  or  the  Buyer  decide  to  withdraw  from  the  negotiation  I  agree  to  promptly  return,  when requested, all


  1. The “Brokerage” is merely transmitting, without warranty, the “Information” supplied by the Seller. The “Brokerage” makes no warranty or representation as to its accuracy nor has it made any attempt or effort by independent investigation to verify any such information. The “Brokerage” shall not be accountable or liable for its accuracy and advise the Buyer to obtain independent professional advice to make an informed decision regarding the purchase.


  1. I understand that is my sole responsibility to verify, to my satisfaction, the said Information and any decision to purchase this business must be based on my own analysis and judgment.


  1. The undersigned Buyer acknowledges that the “Brokerage” represents the interests of the Seller and is providing customer service to the Buyer. The “Brokerage” has affirmative obligations to the Buyer and Seller of honest dealing and disclosure.    


  1. This Agreement may be transmitted by means of electronic systems and or signed with an electronic or printed signature, in which case signatures shall be deemed to be as original handwritten signatures for the purposes of validity, enforceability and admissibility.

          I hereby consent to the use of electronic signature pursuant to the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 and to receive e-communication about

          new businesses listed by the “Brokerage” .